Quotes from chapter 1: The Beginning

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The full chapter can be read here.

One idea at a time is about as much as any one can handle.

​In those days we did not have the toys of to-day; what we had were home made. My toys were all tools–they still are! And every fragment of machinery was a treasure.​

​There is an immense amount to be learned simply by tinkering with things. It is not possible to learn from books how everything is made–and a real mechanic ought to know how nearly everything is made.

​I felt perfectly certain that horses, considering all the bother of attending them and the expense of feeding, did not earn their keep.

​That is the way with wise people–they are so wise and practical that they always know to a dot just why something cannot be done; they always know the limitations. That is why I never employ an expert in full bloom. If ever I wanted to kill opposition by unfair means I would endow the opposition with experts. They would have so much good advice that I could be sure they would do little work.

​My father offered me forty acres of timber land, provided I gave up being a machinist.

​I read everything I could find, but the greatest knowledge came from the work.

​No work with interest is ever hard.

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