getting out of debtThe amount of articles available about how to gain financial freedom are innumerable.  Regardless of the author, the time, or the platform, they all tend to put forth the same ideas about how the reader can attain financial freedom.  The basic tenants they all propose can be summed up in a few basic ideas: have a budget, establish an emergency fund (preferably 3 months worth), live within your means, put money into a savings account weekly, invest your money (make your money work for you), have insurance, cut up all your credit cards, and so on.

Oftentimes these articles are followed up by comments detailing how that plan will never work for the average reader.  A budget, you say?  You cannot budget zero.  An emergency fund, and three months at that?  Most are still paying for things they purchased three years ago.  Living within your means is easier said than done, especially when you have multiple children to feed, clothe, and educate.  Most people are spending all their income on basic needs; finding extra to sock away into a savings account is something they do not see as being possible.  Many often comment that they make minimum wage and have barely enough to buy food and other basic necessities, much less be able to afford to invest.  Who can afford insurance?  Most are living day to day just hoping not to get sick or injured.  If it were not for credit cards, there would not be any way to get the necessities while waiting for the next paycheck.

While it may seem nearly impossible, if not completely impossible, to get your finances in order, rest assured that it is something that can be attained.  A few years ago this author was also struggling financially.  Today, things are quite different.  In the pages of this blog,  several ways will be introduced that you can implement into your financial life that will help get you on the road to financial security.  The first step is to refrain from automatically saying that it can never be done.  If from the beginning you convince yourself that you will never be stable in regards to money, then you never will be.  Approach this problem with a willing and positive attitude.  It will take some work, and it definitely will not be easy, but it can be done.  Continue to Article 1: Your are Unique at

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